Wisden Cricketers' Almanack (Ref TWMb) Paperback


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  • Wisden Year The Wisden Manual
  • Condition Immaculate 10/10
  • Front Hinge Super
  • Back Hinge Super
  • Cover Lettering Super
  • Spine Lettering Super
  • Spine Condition Super
  • Dust Wrapper Super
  • Type Paperback

This is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative guides ever produced on collecting Wisden. Extensive information on pricing; rare print runs; what to look for: what to avoid: Wisden anomalies, history and quirks.

Also, over 150 essays, articles. letters and snippets from the first ten issues of the Wisden CollectorsÂ’ Club newsletter, The Wisdener. A treasure trove of information, superbly researched and lovingly reproduced.

This book is A5 in size, paperback, runs to 288 pages and is a wealth of information on all things Wisden.

* Why is the 1941 so expensive?
* Did you know that over a thousand complimentary copies were sent out from 1914
* Throughout its illustrious history, cutting corners during production has been a regular occurrence
* Why is finding a 1965 with a super dust jacket so difficult?
* Was Basil D’Oliveira responsible for the scarcity of the 1971?
* Why have rebound editions fallen in value so much?
* How many 1916 hardbacks were printed?
* Print runs of ALL editions are included.