Welcome to Wisdenworld

Wisdenworld.com was launched
because (as collectors of Wisdens
for over five decades) we believed
that we could give a straight
forward and honest service
offering the almanack to
fellow collectors.

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I am here to talk Wisden and answer queries. There is currently 20% OFF and I am also taking orders for the 2021.


We believe Wisden completely captures the cricket-lovers need for information. Each almanack is in itself a period drama and collectors can easily revel within the pages of a 1934 or a 1916 or simply digest the delights of a long ago Ashes series.

Collectors are a unique band of people and there is no right or wrong way to collect, whether a collection comprises of reprints, rebinds, paperbacks, hardbacks or a mixture of all, it is to be read and enjoyed.

We offer our Wisdens at reasonable prices whilst also aiming to be as descriptive as possible in our listings. We also have a simple guideline for anyone who buys from us, if upon receiving the Wisden you are not happy, please return it and we will refund you completely plus your return postage. It is important that you, whether buying for yourself or as a gift, are happy with your purchase.