Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1916 – 1916 Willows Hardback (Ref 9580)


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  • Wisden Year 1916
  • Condition Super 9.5/10
  • Front Hinge Super 9.5/10
  • Back Hinge Super 9.5/10
  • Cover Lettering Super 9.5/10
  • Spine Lettering Super 9.5/10
  • Spine Condition Super 9.5/10
  • Dust Wrapper N/A

A Super 1916 Willows Wisden Hardback edition. The 53rd edition of Wisden.

This is arguably the most sought after Willows edition of all and this Willows is in splendid condition.

As you would expect, both internally and externally this is an excellent Willows.

This Willows is numbered.

Contents include:
The obituary and full career details of WG Grace- Plus a Tribute by Lord Harris.
Obituary and full career details of both Victor Trumper and A.E Stoddart.
Deaths in 1915.
Public Schools.
Cricket in Australia.
Cricket Records.

Random Non-Wisden Fact: To make them less conspicuous, white horses in the British army in the First World War were dyed brown with food colouring.

The Willows company was set up as an extension of a Wisden collecting hobby with the intention of gaining a full set of Wisdens and helping other collectors towards the same goal.

By offering reprints of the almanack what was once a pipe dream – a full collection – became a realistic possibility for all.

Willows have reprinted every Wisden from 1864 to 1946.

The facts about Willows:

1864-1878: A box set of the first fifteen was published. It didn’t sell very well, simply because of its high price.

1879-1946: Individual reprints were made mirroring the non-hardback Wisden for the year. These reprints were housed in ‘light tan’ hard boards and are referred to as Willows Paperbacks.

1896-1946: Individual reprints were made replicating the hardback Wisden for each year. Simply put, these are referred to as ‘Willows Hardbacks’.

Willows were only allowed to print, through a license with John Wisden & Co, a maximum of 1500 copies for each year. Now, this may be a bit confusing but hang on in there –

From 1879 up to and including 1895 1,500 copies of the light tan edition per year were allowed.

From 1896 to 1946 a maximum of 1,500 copies of all Willows formats were allowed.

As of September 2017, the 1879 and 1916 reprints have each totalled 1,000. So every single year from 1879 to 1946 still has room to print more. BUT and this is an important BUT, it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that any more will be published, owing to cost and the fact that for many of the years the original batches have not been sold out.

As far as I am aware, 1879-1884 have been sold out.

1896-1899 Have been sold out

And a large number from 1900 through to 1919, as well as 1940-1945 have been sold out.
Hardback Willows from 1896 through to 1919 are mostly sold out.

Willows are becoming increasingly scarce.

If you want to know more about the wonderful hobby (he would say that wouldn’t he) of Wisden collecting then have a look at   www.wisdencollectorsclub.co.uk . We have 2,500+ members, a quarterly newsletter, offers, auctions, giveaways and more and we WILL NOT bombard you with pointless emails!!!!!