1950 Wisden Hardback

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This Wisden 1950 Hardback is in Good to Very Good condition. The 87th edition.

This edition has a Wisden Approved jacket. The jacket, produced by Wisdenworld under license from John Wisden and Co offers collectors protection for the almanack and an opportunity to build a uniform set from 1946 onwards. The jacket has the highlights of each edition upon the cover, along with the traditional image of the ‘Woodcutters’.

The boards are in good condition, strong to the most part, aged on the spine. The front board is very strong and the gilt is good to good.

Internally the front and rear hinges are very nice, the rear is better than the front. The front is tight to the facing page.  The pages within are in very good condition.

The page block is very good, a little dusty and slightly aged.

Contents Include:
Warwickshire’s Ups and Downs
Tribute to Hutton.
Coaching The Schoolboy.
MP Donnelly.
West Indies in Test cricket.
County Championship: Middlesex & Yorkshire Tied (first time the CC had been tied since 1889).
New Zealand in England.

Sheffield Shield: New South Wales.
Bradman Testimonial Match (A Tie!)

MCC in South Africa.
West Indies in India.

Currie Cup: Not Played.
Plunket Shield: Canterbury.
Ranji Trophy: Bombay.

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Ref: 14979r

£48.00 £38.40

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Wisden Year


Overall Condition

Good to Very Good 7.25/10

Dust Jacket

Outstanding Replacement 10/10

Front cover

Very, Very Good 8/10

Spine Condition

Good 7/10

Front Cover Gilt

Lovely+ 8.75/10

Spine Gilt

A Little 4/10

Front Hinge

Good to Very Good 7.25/10

Rear Hinge

Super 9/10

Page Block

Very Good+ 7.75/10

Pages Within

Very, Very Good 8/10

Ref: 14979r

£48.00 £38.40

In stock