Wisden Cricketers' Almanack – 1965 to 1978 , a set of Colour Wisden Replacement Dust Jackets (Ref DJ1965)


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  • Wisden Year 1965 to 1978
  • Condition EXCEPTIONAL 10/10
  • Front Hinge NA
  • Back Hinge NA
  • Cover Lettering EXCEPTIONAL 10/10
  • Spine Lettering EXCEPTIONAL 10/10
  • Spine Condition EXCEPTIONAL 10/10
  • Dust Wrapper EXCEPTIONAL Colour Replacement Dust Jacket 10/10

Wisdenworld has been licensed by Wisden to produce Replacement Dust Jackets for all almanacks from 1946 through to 1991.

You are looking at the first ever set of Colour Replacement Dust jackets for Wisdens from 1965 through to 1978.

Each year from 1965 through to 1979 Wisden used a different colour or variation thereof  on the dust jackets that surrounded the hardback edition of the almanack. Previously a mono version of these jackets has been available and elsewhere on my website you will see such jackets on Wisdens from 1965.

This set of Colour Replacement jackets has never before been offered to collectors. the jackets are exact replicas, down to the specific colours originally used. They look stunning when placed around the editions and they offer collectors an opportunity to have a replica colour dust jacket in its truest form. They also offer collectors with original jackets the opportunity to protect them by wrapping the replacements around.

In this set there are Colour Replacement Dust jackets for all years from 1965 to 1978 inclusive. From 1979 Wisden reverted to one set colour.

At the moment only full sets of 1965 to 1978 are available.