Wisden Cricketers' Almanack – Slip Cases for Wisdens x 10 (Ref SCW10)


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  • Wisden Year Slip Cases
  • Condition Super 10/10
  • Front Hinge Super 10/10
  • Back Hinge Super 10/10
  • Cover Lettering Super 10/10
  • Spine Lettering Super 10/10
  • Spine Condition Super 10/10
  • Dust Wrapper N/A

Slip Cases for Wisdens.

Over the years I have been asked many times about the best way to store Wisdens and apart from the obvious advice such as not putting them into direct sunlight the main thing to consider is how to arrange and place them on shelves. Too closely packed and tight will possibly result in damage when taking them off the shelves.

I have had slip cases made specifically for Wisdens that allow a collection to look uniform and offer excellent protection for each individual edition. The cases are yellow and the specifications are as follows:

Size: 178mm x 67mm x 113mm
Rigid covered slip cases.
Board is 1500 microns white lined.
Paper is Wibalin Buckram Sunshine 518.

They are sturdy and robust and any Wisden or Willows edition will fit comfortably within, even with decent space above to handle and remove the almanack. For the slimmer volumes such as 1941-1946 , 1916-1919 and pre-1890 almanacks more than one can fir into a single slip case.

I am selling the Slip Cases in sets of 5, 10 and 20. This listing is for 10.
Click Here for 5
Click Here for 20

I have had a limited number of slip cases produced and this is purely down to storage. Storing them is akin to having another Wisden for each slip case made.

Owing to postage costs it is cost effective to buy five at a time, so apologies to anyone wishing less than five. You can contact me for a price for any amount required, including less than five.

The photographs show examples of how Wisdens look inside the slip cases…the Wisdens shown are NOT included (I know that is a bit like the message on TV Programmes allowing a public vote that says if you are watching on demand then do not vote and if you do, you might be charged…but I realise that this has to be said, for the benefit of some).