Selling Policy

Our Selling Policy

As collectors we fully appreciate that describing a Wisden as honestly and clearly as possible is important. Detailing an almanacks good points is an essential part of this process but also highlighting any deficiency is equally important.

The descriptions we use are in many ways unique to Wisdenworld. We do not follow the industry standard by using words such as “mint” or “pristine” at every opportunity, but we prefer to be more emotive by using words such as “splendid” or “delightful.”

We also acquire distressed Wisdens and rather than sell these as is, we do engage the skills of, probably, the leading restorer in the country. Some people have asked why we do this and our answer is simple. We want to present our stock to you in the best possible condition and if that entails restoring some editions, then we believe we are offering a service that most Wisden collectors welcome.

As we state on our front page if a Wisden is received and the buyer feels, for any reason, that they do not wish to keep it, then we offer a 100% refund policy and we will also refund any postage costs that the buyer incurs when returning it.