Wisden Collectors Club

Wisden Collectors’ Club

It was an ambition of mine to try and bring together the many people who I have had the pleasure to “Wisden” with over the past decade and it’s with this in mind that the Wisden Collectors Club was launched.

The aims of the WCC are simple. To offer members a number of unique benefits at a sensible subscription price and more importantly to offer information and help to collectors no matter what stage they are at with their personal collection.

The club will undoubtedly evolve but the core philosophy will remain the same; to offer something that will benefit anyone interested in collecting Wisdens. The quarterly newsletter will be a forum for member articles, contributions, questions or anecdotes and it is envisaged that the newsletter may well become bi-monthly in time.

The WCC will not be an outlet for companies to sell to members. It is frustrating sometimes when a third party, however loosely associated, starts to contact club or society members, this will not happen with the WCC.

Members will not be bombarded with pointless emails or letters, indeed since launching the WCC only two emails have been sent to members and details will certainly not be passed on to third parties . A lot of companies use many excuses to contact customers, we will not be following this path.

A website has been launched giving members access to all articles previously published in the newsletters, plus the content of the Collectors’ Guide to Collecting Wisdens-a 48 page booklet offering extensive advice and methodically researched data such as print runs for all years

The WCC will stay close to the objectives mentioned earlier and the most important thing will be to offer a unique cost effective opportunity to join a club of like-minded individuals

The benefits of membership include:

A quarterly newsletter
Full access to all areas of www.wisdencollectorsclub.co.uk
10% discount on all Wisdens purchased from Wisdenworld
The opportunity to purchase the newest almanack at a substantial discount. The 2018 was available to members to pre-order at £37.50 including UK delivery
Membership costs £16 per annum or £26 for two years.
It would be a pleasure to welcome you into the WCC, please click here to have a look at the website and for details on joining.